The Secret Life. 

So I’ve realized that the majority of things that I write about on this blog is about the positives of living in South Korea. I did however write a post about the things that I don’t like about Korea, but this time I want to talk about something more specific. 

It seems to be a pretty normal thing here for men to go to ‘business rooms/clubs’. From what I’ve heard, its rooms where men can go and hire women to dance or have sex with them. I’ve heard its extremely common for men to go there as a ‘work night out’. To be honest, I find this whole concept just disgusting. What makes it one hundred times worse is that the women married to these men don’t think that there is anything wrong with this behavior. This I will never understand… 

Honestly, what confuses me further is, in Korean society men and women can’t meet each other (even for coffee) if either one of them is married or in a relationship. To me, this seems fair and reasonable) However, what I will never understand is, its unacceptable to meet a person of the opposite sex but if a man wants to go on a ‘work night out’ thats okay. Yes yes. Its also extremely sexist. Welcome to Korea. He can go to a business club and have sex with some girl and their wives or girlfriends don’t consider that as cheating. I’m sorry for this as I know my parents read my blog sometimes BUT THAT IS FUCKED UP!! LIKE SERIOUSLY!! How is that not cheating on your partner??? And how is that okay???

Drinking is such a huge part of Korean society. But I refuse to accept that in order to get promoted or get a job at a company you want to work for, you have to have sex with a girl at a business club to impress ‘the boss’.

No no no. I’m sorry but that is just too ridiculous!! Like do their wives or girlfriends just have no self-respect? Or do their husbands just have no respect for their partners? Either way this is a part of Korea I’m REALLY not liking! 

Is there any wonder men and women take their phones with them everytime they leave the room? Even when they go to the bathroom. What could possibly happen in the two minutes you take in the bathroom…? Its odd and secretive. Their phones are permanently attached to them. Its actually very sad. What ever happened to being faithful and trusting your partner…?

I’m really not having a great week here so far. Its stuff like this that makes me entirely reconsider living here. This is a part of Korea that I will not accept and it is definetely something I will never be able to get my head around. 

*Excuse me while I go and sit in the corner and cry whilst rethinking my life decisions!*

Im keen to get other peoples thoughts on this. Feel free to tell me what you think. 

P.s. Is the secret life much more interesting…? 

3 thoughts on “The Secret Life. 

  1. No need to apologize about your profane commentaries about Korean culture. Just let it out as long as it doesn’t hurt other’s ears (I’m big on noise by the way).
    People in Korea, esp women, do not actively accept the fact their husbands sleep around in the name of work and fitting into the masculine culture. They simply have resigned to the notion. Gave up on it. Totally. Sometimes they counter the effect by cheating on their parners as well. We call it Mat-Bul (meaning, counter-fire).
    Sexism is pretty much one of the founding pillars of the nation, by the way. If you cannot understand it (I mean, resign yourself to it), I recommend you to exit it before it compounds your life..


  2. By it’s own admission, Korea is a very sexiest place. The tradition was that the oldest son would take care of the family, so men were highly valued as it was your insurance policy so to speak. But now, about 50% of people in Korea feel that it is not their responsibility to take care of their parents, so everything is changing. Things used to be a lot worse, but they are getting better for some.


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