Be Kind to Yourself, Always.

Dear Journal,

The past few weeks have been incredibly difficult. There have been days that I haven’t wanted to get out of bed. I haven’t wanted to talk to anyone. I wanted to be alone. Hell, I’ve written this post over and over again.

After an inspiring conversation with my friend Tia earlier this afternoon, I’m feeling a lot more positive. More driven. She made me realise what type of people I want to have in my life and where I see my life going. I want to have people who care about me as much as I care about them. People who don’t ignore me and just tell me that they are busy. People who I can call and just cry to when things are hard.

I made it one of my resolutions to better myself this year. One week in and things are getting challenging. But, after this week I’ve come to realise that you need to surround yourself with supportive and positive people. Not selfish ones. And certainly not ones that make you feel shit about yourself.

Over the next couple of weeks I have a lot of things that I need to face and it’s going to take a lot of strength. I’ve been avoiding these things. Now I’m at the point where these things can no longer be avoided and ignored. But I’m going to get through it.

And I’m going to feel good about it. I’ve got myself a job. I can finally start working again!

Work = Life

I’ve been going crazy without a job. Having a job gives you options. Having options gives you choices. And those choices can give you the world.

It’s up to me.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed your Monday. Thank you for reading my rant/journal entry. Have a fantastic week! I will be uploading a Gratitude post tomorrow. (12pm UK GMT)

Enjoy your evening~


14 thoughts on “Be Kind to Yourself, Always.

  1. I love this post, you seem so genuine and honestly like a really good person. You can do it!! Oh and I have your title, the ‘Be Kind To Yourself’ as a tattoo on my thigh 🙂

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  2. I love the part about a job giving you options and that leading to choices in the end. It’s so inspiring! I’m trying to find work myself right now, so hopefully it’ll give me choices at the end as well. Good luck, and stay strong! 🙂

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  3. Great post if you ever need another support someone who will be there for you count me in.I think its important message we with mental illneses need to be extra kind to ourselves because a lot of times we are way too hard on ourselves we are dealing with enough we don;t need that on top of it.

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