Yoga, Sit-ups and Positivity.


Dear Journal,

I’ve been having a hard time recently. I have been receiving a lot of advice from a few different people. It’s got me thinking: What I should be doing with my life. Where I should live. What career path I should take. What will make me happy the most.

I like options. Options make me happy. I like options just as much as I like pros and cons lists. And I like pros and cons lists A LOT.

You constantly focus on ‘what you haven’t done’ rather than focus on ‘what you have done’ was basically what someone said to me recently  And, it’s true. I dismiss anything good that I do and I just focus on the negative.

If I have a list of 10 things to get done by the end of the day and I only manage to complete 6 or 7 of them. I will go to bed in a bad mood because I feel that I didn’t work hard enough.

This morning somebody told me something that really got me thinking. She told me to write yourself a todo list that you would be okay with giving to someone else.

And that is what I need to practice.

I also started a yoga challenge! I’ve done yoga in the past, so I’m looking forward to getting back into it. Today marks day 1! I always find that yoga and exercise lift my mood. It also tends to make me a lot less anxious and down too.

I also managed to squeeze in a sit-ups and squats routine today too.

I can feel that this is going to be a great week!

When you’re feeling low, what do you do to keep yourself positive?


10 thoughts on “Yoga, Sit-ups and Positivity.

  1. Hey Hannah!

    I love the positive message from this post a lot! I am also starting up yoga, do you have any suggestions for a beginner as to what I should start with? Thanks! Good luck with your challenge ❤️

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  2. That is great Hannah you use yoga. I must be the only person that can’t do it. I need to take a ‘pre beginningers class’ on that one. I write stories, books, articles, book reviews, movie reviews, write compliments for my friends, write nice thing about friends, write about basketball, football, pro wrestling and write about memories of friends who passed on and friends who moved on from our friendships that had to do with them, try to bring out good memories and stuff. I try to make new friends. I try to reconnect with old ones. I can relate to your situation I want to be a writer who gets paid but if they doesn’t happen thats fine with me I feel I have plenty of options and plenty of time to build my way into finding a great job and career for myself. ttys

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      1. I am doing my own inspirational gratitude thing listening ’50 women who changed your life for the better list reasons’ I’ll give you the link to that. It will be a good post for you to read and for me to reread on several occasions.

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  3. Yoga makes me feel anxious.. maybe because I already carry so much anxiety, and getting into the meditative practice makes me more aware of it and all the things I worry about? Unless the class is super intense or has me constantly moving.. like Ashtanga or aerial.
    Hopefully I will find peace in it at some point.

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