Reflecting On January.


Overall, this month has been great. Tomorrow is the final day of the month. I can’t believe how fast this year is going already.

At the start of this month I was looking for a job, and now I’m currently working. I feel so much more in control of my life. Having this job definitely makes me feel like I have a lot more options in my life.  I feel much more free and happy. 🙂

This month I’ve really learnt how to appreciate all of the amazing things and the amazing people that I have in my life. I’m incredibly lucky. I want to continue feeling this positive.

I’m feeling so accomplished.

  1. I have a job.
  2. I’ve read this months book.
  3. I’ve kept to my weekly blog schedule.
  4. I’ve eaten more healthily.
  5. I’ve done yoga more.
  6. And most importantly, I’ve made time for myself. Self-care is so important. It’s so easy to always be cornered about others and forget to take care of yourself. 

Tonight I’m planning on going to bed early, and I will start reading a new book. Then I will be fully refreshed for work tomorrow morning. 🙂

How was your January?


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8 thoughts on “Reflecting On January.

  1. Sounds like a good month Hannah. I’ve had my ups and downs this month writing a lot which was good but needing my medication adjusted a few times. I look forward to next month. Take good care of yourself Hannah and enjoy your book! On a side not this month ruled because I made friends with you! Pretty cool!


  2. It sounds like you’re totally kicking ass this year, keep it up! I’ve been the complete opposite so far, my blog has gone to pot for the past two weeks and today is the first day I’ve posted in that time! I really need to up my game, especially as I’ll be back at work myself soon, too. Congrats on the job by the way, I hope it’s something you enjoy! & Thank you for the like on my recent blog post, I got so excited because you were my 1000th total like ha ha! xx


  3. Sounds like overall you had a wonderful month! I think self care is so important, this month I’ve taken time for me. Catching up with friends, reading, working on hobbies and enjoying time with my kids before sending them to school. Looking forward to seeing what February brings


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