Gratitude Challenge – Something Someone Gave You.


There is nothing that I love more than receiving handwritten letters. I love them! There is just something just so personal about them.

You can tell that the person has thought about what they’ve written.

When I was teaching in South Korea last year some of my students used to write me letters. It was the cutest thing ever. It made me smile so much to see that the children had taken so much time to sit down and write a letter to me in English. Super adorable. ❤

With the amount of social media and messaging apps available nowadays, it’s so nice and refreshing to receive a hand written letter. It makes me feel so grateful when I received them. 🙂

Thank you for reading. ❤


P.S. Check back next Tuesday for another Gratitude Challenge post.

**** If you want to join in with this gratitude challenge. Click here and scroll down to the ‘Gratitude Challenge Photo’ If you decide to join in, send me a link. I would love to read yours.

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7 thoughts on “Gratitude Challenge – Something Someone Gave You.

  1. So true! The letters have something special about them. There are symbols of pure expression of thoughts, no auto corrects, no suggestions, and no editing. There are no gifs and images but those heartfelt words of letters are just magic. Thanks for sharing. 😊😊😊


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