A Day In My Life.


Today I wanted to share a typical day in my life with you. I currently work a job that is based around shifts, and my shifts change every week.

Recently I’ve been having a lot of early shifts, which are perfect for me! I love getting early shifts. I find that if I get up early the rest of my day just falls into place. I’m much more productive.

5:50am: Get up and get ready. Unfortunately I’m not allowed to wear makeup for work, so my morning routine is pretty simplistic. Which I guess is a good thing as it doesn’t take much time for me to get ready.

6am: Make a cup of tea and breakfast. I’ve been eating porridge with a banana. 

6:10am: Leave the house.

6:25am: Get on the bus.

7am – 2pm: At work.

2:10pm: Walk to the shops. I usually do food shopping on Thursday and Sunday’s as they’re the days I do meal prep. I try to change my meals up every week, it stops me from getting bored of the same thing. 

3pm: Get on the bus to go home.

3:30pm: Go home and take a shower. Probably have a cup of tea. 

4pm: Walk the puppy.

4:15pm: Blog post planning.

5:30pm: Eat dinner

6pm: Do yoga

6:30pm: Blog post writing.

9pm: Watch Netflix/YouTube

10pm: Go to bed. Probably read.

11pm: Go to sleep.

So that’s pretty much it. This is what I tend to do most days. ❤

I like to keep a strong routine, I found that as soon as I start breaking my routine, that’s when my mood seems to be effected. I’ve also started shutting off all social media and internet (except YouTube and Netflix) after 9-9:30pm. I’ve found that this allows my mind to switch off and relax.

How about you? What is your routine like?



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