My Favourite Personality Trait

Self improvement – Striving for Development 

I’ve wrote about this topic quite a lot on my blog over the past couple of months. I want to constantly be improving myself. I want to constantly be moving forward, trying new things and improving myself.

A few weeks ago someone said to me, for a 23 year old, you’ve ‘done a lot of stuff’. Since then, I’ve been thinking about what they actually meant by that, as in my eyes, I’ve not done ‘enough’. I feel that I should have achieved more by this age.

I guess I’m just too hard on myself for my own good sometimes.

I started to describe my self improvement trait as ‘itchy feet’. I want to be constantly moving. The concept of being ‘fed up’ or doing the same thing just scares the living shit out of me. But with all that being said, I’m also afraid of change. Kind of ironic isn’t it?

I just don’t like ‘standing still’ metaphorically speaking. There has to be a purpose. Before I went to South Korea, I worked a crappy job but it was all with a purpose in mind. I worked and worked and worked to save money to move away. And I did it.

This is my favourite personality trait. I like this about myself. I always want more. I don’t want to settle. I always want to keep striving for new experiences.

What is your favourite personality trait? 


4 thoughts on “My Favourite Personality Trait

  1. It’s a great trait to have, to strive for more, but please don’t pressure yourself too much 🙂 Often that can have the opposite effect. My favourite trait would have to be my kindness. I would do anything in my power for someone if it made them happy, but that has also been a disadvantage at times. Just trying to find a happy balance.

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  2. Hey hey, I also do this challenge, I’m glad to see you are as well !
    I agree with ohdarlingsoul, there needs to be a balance but it’s still a great trait to have, as striving to improve oneself is important to avoid stagnation.

    My fav is my compassion, which is at the roof of several other qualities and partially defines who I am as a person, including my life philosophy.


  3. I just turned 27 and feel like I haven’t done much with my life! But then I think a lot of people unfortunately haven’t reached this age so I always think that’s an achievement and that I’m lucky.


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