I Went To London.

Not too long ago I took my first (yes, first!) trip to London.

I was anxious, nervous, excited and all that type of thing. It was a well overdue trip.

The conclusion? IT. WAS. INCREDIBLE!

I’ve always said that one day I would love to live in London. Having spent a week there, I can confidently say that I NEVER want to live in central London. It is too busy. There are too many people. And I probably wouldn’t save any money due to the amount of coffee shops and retail therapy I would have to do.

I would like to plan to go there again sometime soon.

KakaoTalk_2017-07-09-8-50-02 pm_Photo_3KakaoTalk_2017-07-09-8-50-03 pm_Photo_68KakaoTalk_2017-07-09-8-50-12 pm_Photo_64KakaoTalk_2017-07-09-8-50-09 pm_Photo_48KakaoTalk_2017-07-09-8-50-07 pm_Photo_52KakaoTalk_2017-07-09-8-50-05 pm_Photo_19KakaoTalk_2017-07-09-8-50-16 pm_Photo_96KakaoTalk_2017-07-09-8-50-18 pm_Photo_46KakaoTalk_2017-07-09-8-50-29 pm_Photo_51KakaoTalk_2017-07-09-8-50-27 pm_Photo_66KakaoTalk_2017-07-09-8-50-25 pm_Photo_94KakaoTalk_2017-07-09-8-50-24 pm_Photo_53KakaoTalk_2017-07-09-8-50-22 pm_Photo_75KakaoTalk_2017-07-09-8-50-20 pm_Photo_88

I was kind of apprehensive about going to London at first. I had to get my head around eating at restaurants and being in crowds of people. I’m proud of myself, I think I did incredibly well.

Where are some of your favourites places to visit in London?


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