My Self-Care Evening.

A big part of recovery is self care. Self-care is something that I don’t do enough of. I tend to just ignore it and disregard it as either being lazy, or unproductive.

The problem with this way of thinking is I tend to burn out more easily. I become agitated and stressed.

Over the past week or so I have been working through the documentation that I received from my last sessions of CBT at the beginning of the year. I set some small and manageable goals to work on over the course of the week. One of the goals was to have a self-care evening. So as Friday evening approached, I decided to take the evening off and just relax.

Having bought myself some Lush products earlier in the week. I decided to run myself a bath and I spent the next hour or so catching up on some reading.

KakaoTalk_2017-07-09-9-23-59 pm_Photo_83KakaoTalk_2017-07-09-9-24-04 pm_Photo_98KakaoTalk_2017-07-09-9-24-01 pm_Photo_67KakaoTalk_2017-07-09-9-24-09 pm_Photo_2KakaoTalk_2017-07-09-9-24-07 pm_Photo_11KakaoTalk_2017-07-09-9-24-13 pm_Photo_26KakaoTalk_2017-07-09-9-24-11 pm_Photo_34

How do you spend your self-care evenings? โค


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