MBT Therapy – Week One.

What is MBT?

“Mentalization based treatment is a Psychotherapy used to treat people who meet criteria for a diagnosis of borderline personality disorder. Mentalizing is the capacity to make sense of our own actions and feelings and those of others. This can be very important in enabling us to regulate our emotions and impulses and n developing fulfilling meaningful relationships.”

Last Friday I attended my first session of MBT. Before attending the session I was feeling quite anxious about going. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. I’ve had other types of therapy before but I knew this was different!

As I approached the door to the building I rang the bell and waited for someone to let me in. She took me into the room where the group was taking place. I walked in and there was about 11 other people already sat there. I only recognised one person which was my care worked who I see every two weeks. I sat down and started to fill in the questionnaire that they asked us all to complete.

  • We started with an introduction. The three therapists running the session wrote out names on the board. We passed a teddybear around the group, when you pass the bear to another person in the group you had to say their name. I was nervous at first but I soon started to feel more comfortable.
  • They then asked us to turn to the person to our left and ask that person for three facts about themselves.

S – She tattoos herself. She likes drawing and spending time with her children.

  • We took a short break. I made myself a coffee and I started talking to one of the other girls. F seemed really nice. She’s a Slytherin!
  • The group resumed and we were asked to work in pairs again. I worked with F. Our task was to write down three things we feared or were anxious about before coming to todays session.

I wrote:

  1. Not being liked.
  2. Being late/getting lost.
  3. Being judged.
  • We handed the three slips of paper back to the therapists and they read everyones out loud.

It was interesting to see that a lot of the group felt the same way as me. We all wrote down similar things.

The group concluded with discussing about the fears that we were all having about coming to the group.

Next Friday’s session will be on ‘Conditioning’

– Hannah ❤

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