I’m Starting YouTube!

Screen Shot 2018-03-11 at 6.26.22 pm

You may or may not know, over the past couple of weeks I’ve uploaded a couple of videos to my YouTube channel.

Have you seen them? No…? You can see them here. 

I’m hoping by starting to film and upload videos I can build my self-confidence. I struggle with speaking on camera but it’s always something I have wanted to do! I love making videos and I love to share my experiences and thoughts with other people.

I’m thinking that starting this channel will be a great focus for me.

If you have the time I would really appreciate it if you head over to my channel and see what I’ve been up to.

I will be continuing to upload here as I love blogging so much.

Thank you for your continuing support!

– Hannah ❤

5 thoughts on “I’m Starting YouTube!

  1. Hey Hannah! well done you!…… I took the time to watch your videos and I’m sorry to hear how you feel and what you go through. But understanding your reality will be of real comfort and support to others going through the same struggles. Keep at it………
    Living with bipolar, I have spent years battling negative thought processes and have been totally inspired by two people who have helped me change think positively ‘most’ of the time. Dr Wayne Dyer (Change your thoughts, change your feelings) and Louise L Hay (You can heal your life). Also the book called The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. check them out!!! You can hear the audio books on utube and also watch the film of the secret. I hope you get as much from them as I did……..do! 🙂 xxx Always at the end of a digital device on wordpress if you’re ever in a dark place and need a friend xxxx Sending healing xxxx

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  2. So happy you’re getting out of your comfort zone!
    Always a good thing to hear, as it gives me a little bit of a push.
    Good luck, we’ll be watching your channel closely 🙂

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  3. Congrats,I know it’s hard to do something like that because a few days ago i started my own youtube channel.it’s nerve wracking lol.I subscribed to your channel and am hoping for more uploads!i’d love for you to check out my channel too.Lots of love,keep blogging!


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