Coffee Adventure – The Curious Cupcake Cafe.


Hello and welcome back to another Coffee Adventure post.

For this post I decided that I would take a trip over to Margate and visit The Curious Cupcake Cafe. I’ve been wanting to visit here for the past year.

Upon arrival, I managed to snag a window seat. I took out the menu and decided what I wanted to order. Of course, I knew that cake was going to be my number 1 choice!

The interior was very cosy and welcoming. Big thumbs up for the fairy lights around the room! As I made my way up to the classic counter that I had seen oh so many times over on their Instagram. There was quite a large range of cakes, snacks and cupcakes.

After much indecisiveness from me, I decided that I would order a chai latte I’m so obsessed right now, a piece of coffee cake and a chocolate cupcake. The staff were so friendly and offered for me to take a seat and they would bring my food to me.

I so wanted to love this place, but if I’m completely honest it just didn’t live up to my expectations. I felt that the cake was very dry and maybe store bought. The cupcake too I felt was dry and claggy. As a baker myself, I just expected more.

I really don’t want this post to be a negative one, I just feel that I wanted to share my experience.

When I visited it was very busy. I feel that it’s the type of place that you wouldn’t visit alone. I’m all about taking a good book or my laptop and just powering through work or reading. I did get my book out for a while though. I just didn’t feel that this was a place that you could do that very comfortably. Or maybe it was the time that I visited?

I would visit again, however next time I wouldn’t go alone. Next time I would probably branch out and grab myself some lunch too, their sandwiches looked lovely!

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The Curious Cupcake Cafe
4/5 Market Place
CT9 1ER,

Have you visited here? What were your thoughts?

Also, I am making it my mission to visit more and more coffee shops around Kent, and the UK so if you have any suggestions for coffee shops to visit please let me know.

Much love,
Hannah x

3 thoughts on “Coffee Adventure – The Curious Cupcake Cafe.

  1. Hi, firstly thank you for stopping by our Café- glad you liked the fairy lights! Secondly, we are sorry to hear the cakes that you tried didn’t hit the spot!
    We have taken your feedback to our baker and she is going to try out some new recipes. We hope the next time you come back you will find softer, more moist sponges 🙂
    We also have a little book shelf in the corner of the cafe, perhaps you didn’t see it. We love when people can come in and relax with a book or study. We have a lot of people come in solo and sit with their tea’s and coffee’s. Maybe it just wasn’t for you on this occasion.
    Hopefully you’ll come back and give our lunch menu a try. I’m sure we can make you a decent sandwich to remember!
    Thanks for the feedback. We take it all on board, good or bad.
    Hope to see you again soon, Lyndsey @ The Curious Cupcake Café 🙂


  2. I love this Coffee Adventures series so much! This place looks oh so cute and I love a chai latte, too, but what a bummer the cakes weren’t so tasty and the atmosphere wasn’t quite calm enough to enjoy a book!


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