Dear Future BF

Boyfriend! Well, hello! Firstly, I would like to say that I’m really proud of myself for learning how to open myself up to another person again. I’m sure we have already discussed about ex’s by this point, and as you probably already know, my ex’s have been pretty… shitty, to say the least! You are probably … More Dear Future BF

Taking Back Control.

Going and telling a complete stranger that something is wrong is no easy task. It takes courage, strength and confidence. All of which in recent months I have been struggling with. Yesterday was my first day back at my original store. I was really anxious. I got changed into my uniform and my anxiety was … More Taking Back Control.

The Road To Recovery.

*** Trigger Warning *** I’m going to be talking about a very different topic today. If you are sensitive or easily triggered then I suggest that you view this post with caution. It’s hard to predict how recovery will progress. Everyone recovers in their own way and at different speeds. The road to recovery is … More The Road To Recovery.

Loving Someone With Anxiety & Depression.

*** TRIGGER WARNING*** Okay here goes, I’ve thought about writing about this for a while now. But, I’ve always stopped myself. I guess maybe I’m scared of the response this might get, or (most likely) what people will think of me. When you’re dealing with stress, anxiety or depression, it’s exhausting. It’s like a constant … More Loving Someone With Anxiety & Depression.

A Day In My Life.

Today I wanted to share a typical day in my life with you. I currently work a job that is based around shifts, and my shifts change every week. Recently I’ve been having a lot of early shifts, which are perfect for me! I love getting early shifts. I find that if I get up … More A Day In My Life.

Self Care Sunday.

Dear Journal, How was your weekend? Firstly, I would just like to apologise for not uploading a post last Thursday. I just felt that it wasn’t good enough to upload. I didn’t have the best of weeks last week. I’ve finally gotten over the cold and I’m feeling much better. I had a day off … More Self Care Sunday.