Hello October.

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I’ve been kicking October off with fluffy slippers, cosy blankets, nutty lattes and autumn scented candles.

Sounds divine, doesn’t it?

I wanted to take part in Blogtober this year but life has kinda got in the way. Plus, I’ve been uploading new videos on my YouTube channel. *happy dance* I will however be doing Blogmas like last year because OMG that was so much fun!

If you are taking part in Blogtober this year please do send me your blog links I would love to add them to my reading list.

Much love,
Hannah x

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My Autumn Skincare Routine.


It’s got to that time of year again where your skincare products need changing up. The weather has gotten pretty cold over the past few days in England. My skin is certainly feeling the change in weather.

I picked these up from Superdrug and Boots last month last month. I decided that it was time to change up what facial wash I was using and this one has been doing wonders for my skin. It leaves it feeling so clean and refreshed. It’s also got exfoliating bits in it which is great for my dry areas around the edges of my face.

The moisturisers are from Superdrug, it’s their new de-stress range so I thought I would give it a go. My skin has been feeling quite tired over the last couple of months from bad sleep so these seemed like a perfect fit for me right now. Overall I’m pretty impressed with them both. I use the everyday day and night moisturiser more than the night mask if I’m honest, just because I feel it’s a bit think. I will continue to give it a go though, I think during the winter it will be great. The day and night one id great though! It’s not greasy and I can still apply makeup over the top which is always a bonus.

Now onto the Boho Beach Jelly! For such a long time now I’ve hated having curly hair, then I found this range of products and managing my curly hair is no longer a chore. It leaves my hair feeling light and it really brings out my natural curls.

Those are all the current skincare products I’m currently using. I’m going to try and film a skincare routine video for my YouTube channel. I will try and get that done in the next couple of weeks.

What skincare products are you using right now?

Much love,
Hannah x

Primark Haul – Autumn 2018

Guess what?

I finally, (yes! Finally) uploaded a Primark Haul video for Autumn.

I received a lot of messages this year asking me if I was going to make a YouTube channel.

The answer is yes!

I have finally started posting more. I hope to be posting once a week from now on!

Be sure to head over to my channel and subscribe for new videos. I’m very excited about starting this adventure. It’s a way to make myself feel a bit more comfortable and confident in front of the camera as well as in myself.

Much love,
Hannah x

Coffee Adventure – Hessian Coffee Company.


Hello and welcome back to another Coffee Adventure post. This weeks post is a little different in the sense that I will be sharing with you some coffee that I have recently received, rather than a coffee shop. It’s still an adventure though!

I have followed Hessian Coffee Company for a while on Instagram and they’ve been a company that I’ve wanted to work with for some time. I’m very excited to have received these sample packs for me to try!

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@ Hessian Coffee Website

Okay, lets jump straight in!

Out of the three I definitely preferred the Bourbon Select and the Espresso Reserve. I feel that they were a bit sweeter. I have a very sweet tooth and the espresso No.1 was just a little too bitter for me.

I brewed the coffee for about 4-5 minutes.
I added a drop of caramel. Because why not?
Foamed a bit of milk and I was ready to indulge.

It made the perfect morning coffee to kick start my day!

I love that the Bourbon Select already had that hint of caramel, it was certainly enjoyable. Although, I do have to admit that the Espresso Reserve would easily become my everyday coffee.

I also used this coffee to make cold brews too and it was delicious.

It you are feeling super adventurous and want to make your own cold brew a little more creamy and luxurious, try this!


  1. Brew your coffee as normal.
  2. Get your blender ready.
  3. Scoop a serving of vanilla ice cream in into the blender. (use milk as a lower calorie alternative) soya milk also works great!
  4. Add a couple of ice cubes.
  5. A drop of syrup.
  6. Add your desired amount of coffee to the blender.
  7. And. MIX!

And that’s it! It’s kind of like a homemade Frappuccino.

Give it a go, and if you do, be sure to tag me in your pictures over on my Instagram. @paint_me_a_smile_

I got a few questions last week asking why am I trying different types of coffee and traveling so much to different coffee shops?

Firstly, I love coffee! Like so so so much. And, I love coffee shops! I’ve always done this amount of coffee drinking and coffee shop going it’s just, I’ve never talked about it as much. (I don’t think…)

Secondly, it’s probably no secret to the people around me but in the next year or so, I will hopefully opening my own coffee and cake shop. It’s a project I have been working on for so long and I want to get it right. That means, the best coffee, the best location and I am in the best place possible to do it right.

Thirdly, I’ve wanted to do a coffee shop adventure type series on this blog for a while. I just decided now was the best time to do it.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you have any question coffee related or not feel free to drop me a message.

Are you a coffee shop owner or manager or does your company make coffee, I would love to work with you!

A massive thank you to Neil over at Hessian Coffee Company for kindly sending me these samples (I still have the tea bags, I will review them over on my Instagram very soon)

Stay tuned for next weeks Coffee Adventure post.

Here’s a hint about next weeks post: …Margate!

Much love and happy coffee drinking,
Hannah x



GRWM – Autumn Edition.

Happy Friday! Today I would like to share with you my Autumn get ready with me. I like particularly like Autumn because I can wear cuddly jumpers, drink hot chocolate and sit propped up against the radiator reading a good book.

I recently picked up this green minimalism jumper from H&M! As soon as I saw it, I knew it would be the perfect Autumnal jumper to wear with a pair of black skinny jeans!

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As for makeup, I’ve been going for a natural look using my Urban Decay Naked 2 Basics Palette. I’ve found that the days where I want to wear a stronger makeup look I have been using more of the dark shades in the palette to create a darker crease.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetProcessed with VSCO with hb2 preset

As for my lips I’ve been such a big fan of this velvet matte lipstick crayon that I picked up from Primark. It’s such a beautiful natural look and is perfect for those days when I don’t want to wear a strong colour on my lips.

On my nails I’ve been really loving wearing Barry M’s Gelly Shine Nail Paint in the shade dark green. It’s the perfect shade of green for the autumn time.

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What are you currently loving this autumn?

– Hannah ❤

Lush Haul | Autumn Edition.

So yes! It’s officially autumn! Lets talk Lush products! During the autumn time I always find myself wanting to take more baths rather than showers.

My all time favourite bath bomb is the Intergalactic. I’m in love with it. It smells incredible. It makes the water soft which is really moisturising on your skin. Lastly but certainly by no means least is the beautiful colour of the water when the bath bomb is put into the water.

It’s got a very cosy smell to it (I hope that makes sense). In other words, it’s perfect for a rainy day. Grab yourself a cup of tea, a good book and you can relax in the bath for hours with the intergalactic.

I hope that Lush never discontinues this product as I will be incredibly upset!

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Okay so, for the boys out there that read my blog. Although I’m pretty sure the majority of my readers are in fact female. Boys, if you want a bath but are afraid of the feminine association that bath products come with. You need not to fear! There is a rocket bath bomb, and let me tell you! It’s beautiful. It lets out similar colours to that of the Intergalactic but I feel as though the scent is not as strong. Although, I will warn you, there is a little glitter. It’s not long lasting so there is no need to worry. 😉

I would like to point out that mostly all of Lush products are in fact non gender specific. Who said beautifully scented and colourful baths were feminine anyway? What ever happened to just having a relaxing bath?

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Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

The milk bottle. During my trip to Lush one of the clerks asked me whether or not I have tried a bath cocktail. A bath cocktail you say? Of course I needed to know more! I already had the intergalactic bath bomb in my basket. The lady then suggested that I try the milk bottle with the intergalactic. It will make the water even smoother and the colours will go from vibrant to pastel. It was lovely! I would definitely purchase this again!

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I found out about 29 High Street accidentally. A friend from work told me that is was becoming available on Lush Kitchen. After she described it I just knew that I had to have it! It is totally worth it! It is one of my favourite scents of all time. I mean, who wouldn’t want to smell like a Lush Shop?

I’m trying to use it sparingly. I never want it to run out!

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Back to baths! Have you ever wanted a liquid gold bath? Don’t worry, Lush has got you covered! After seeing a demonstration in the shop I wanted to take it home and try it out myself. It was incredibly! Plus, lots of glitter! I will certainly be using lots of these around Christmas time. 🙂

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Now if you’re coffee obsessed as much as I am, you will more than likely love this! I love this product. It works well with my skin. It’s not too harsh as I can find some exfoliators to be so, this one is great! It smells just like coffee. What more do you need?

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Now, I’ve wanted this for a while and I’ve finally managed to get my hands on it. I’ve had the popcorn one previously which I really liked, but I love this bubblegum one more. I find that if I use it right before I apply lipstick my lipstick goes on so smoothly. 🙂

What products have you been loving from Lush?

– Hannah ❤