My Winter Look.

Welcome to Blogmas day 20! Winter days are for wrapping up warm and cozy. This is the look i’ve been rocking for the past month. Cozy scarf, Christmas jumper and curly(ish) hair. I’m really getting excited for Christmas now. It’s really creeping up fast. Over the next few days I have a couple of last … More My Winter Look.

Cozy Afternoons.

Welcome to Blogmas day 19! It’s been so cold in the UK. Over the past month iv’e found myself spending most of my time in fluffy and cozy jumpers. There is nothing I dislike more than being cold. When I arrive home from work I tend to take a shower straight away and change into … More Cozy Afternoons.

Christmas Origami.

Welcome to Blogmas day 13! There are so many creative Christmas origami things you can make. Last year I made some envelopes, hearts and bookmarks so I decided that I would do a few new things this year. I have also made some of the traditional snowflakes too, my mum will be using them as … More Christmas Origami.

Festive Hot Drinks.

Welcome back to Blogmas day 12. Today I’m going to be sharing with you some of my favourite festive homemade hot chocolates. 1/2 cup of whole milk 5oz of chopped chocolate 1/4 heavy cream (you can add, but I decided not to) Topping and sauce I used the same chocolate recipe and I changed the … More Festive Hot Drinks.