Sweet Things.

Welcome to Blogmas day 16. One of the amazing things about Christmas is the baking. A few days ago I spend a couple of hours doing some Christmassy baking. I decided to make some coloured vanilla cookies and some caramel cupcakes. I’m not too happy with how the flavour of the cookies turned out but … More Sweet Things.

Christmas Origami.

Welcome to Blogmas day 13! There are so many creative Christmas origami things you can make. Last year I made some envelopes, hearts and bookmarks so I decided that I would do a few new things this year. I have also made some of the traditional snowflakes too, my mum will be using them as … More Christmas Origami.

Festive Hot Drinks.

Welcome back to Blogmas day 12. Today I’m going to be sharing with you some of my favourite festive homemade hot chocolates. 1/2 cup of whole milk 5oz of chopped chocolate 1/4 heavy cream (you can add, but I decided not to) Topping and sauce I used the same chocolate recipe and I changed the … More Festive Hot Drinks.

Festive Nails.

Welcome back to Blogmas day 10. I don’t know about you but I’m so excited for Christmas! We’ve only got 14 more days to go! Today I want to share with you the nail varnishes that I picked up from Superdrug for this Christmas. Now, unfortunately, I work in a place where I’m not able … More Festive Nails.

Christmas As A Child.

Growing up, I loved Christmas as a child. I loved how excited I would get at the thought of coming down the stairs and seeing beautifully wrapped presents (of course, Christmas isn’t just about this) but as a child, you don’t often know any different. I remember the hours spent writing down items out of … More Christmas As A Child.

Why I Blog.

I’ve been blogging for a few years now, however it’s only over the past year that I’ve asked myself the question ‘why do I blog?” : I do enjoy seeing people follow my blog. I do enjoy seeing people comment on my posts. I do enjoy reading other people’s blog posts. I love the blogging community. … More Why I Blog.