GRWM – England Spring Ed.

It’s Monday, my favourite day of the week. A day for new beginnings. Maybe a new outfit, or two. Maybe a new makeup style, or hair do. Today I wanted to share kind of a different post with you. (I hope that’s okay) I mean, I’ve posted a couple of these types of posts in the past and I really enjoy writing them.

So today I present you with an England (because England is mostly cold) spring edition of GRWM. I hope you enjoy.

KakaoTalk_Photo_2017-04-23-9-03-54 pm_93

KakaoTalk_Photo_2017-04-23-9-03-44 pm_5

KakaoTalk_Photo_2017-04-23-9-03-50 pm_88KakaoTalk_Photo_2017-04-23-9-03-52 pm_80KakaoTalk_Photo_2017-04-23-9-03-58 pm_10

I love wearing dungarees. They are so summery and comfortable.

I tend to feel quite self conscious about my body. But I hope by posting these types of posts I can learn to accept my body for how it is.

KakaoTalk_Photo_2017-04-24-11-26-21 am_18KakaoTalk_Photo_2017-04-24-11-26-17 am_67

This spring I’m wanting to try wearing different types of clothes. I’m wanting to try different makeup styles.

For this look I have used the Urban Decays Naked 2 Basic Palette. I think I bought this for about £24.

I have used the colour ‘frisk’ all over my eyelid.

‘Primal’ in the crease.

I then took the darkest colour ‘undone’ and used it as a eyeliner and just lined the top lash line.

I then used the colour ‘stark’ and placed that in the inner section of my eye. I blended all the colours together so there is a nice transition between the colours.

Finally I took the colour ‘skimp’ and used it to highlight my brow bone.

I’ve had this palette for about 2 months now. I am IN LOVE with it. This is the palette I use to do my everyday makeup. I look the looks that you can create with it.

As always, thank you for reading. ❤

What is your favourite outfit to wear in Spring?


Get Ready With Me | Valentines Edition.

Happy Valentines!

I’m excited to share this post with you. It’s a different type of post to what I normally do. I hope you enjoy it. 🙂

It’s the perfect look for a valentines date 🙂





Dress: Boohoo

Shoes: New Look

Tights: H&M

Earrings/Ring: Nasty Cat (South Korea)

Necklace: I’m not sure. It was a gift.

Nails: Both colours from Barry M.

Makeup: Urban Decay, Maybelline, Sleek, Too Cool For School, Etude House, Innesfree.

That’s it for my Get Ready With Me.

I hope that you enjoyed this type of post. I would like to do more of these in the future. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to leave them in the comments below. ❤

What will you do for Valentines Day?


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My Lazy Morning Routine.

Good morning, how is your week going?

Today I wanted to share with you my typical lazy morning routine. Typically I get up between 8-9am. Recently, I’ve been having a coffee in the morning. I love the taste of coffee! I limit myself to just one coffee a day. More than one tends to make me feel a bit jittery and anxious.

I’m in love with this mug. I got it for Christmas. What more do you need in your life other than wifi, coffee and your bed? 😂


After some breakfast and coffee I make time to walk the puppy. I only take her out for a 15-20 minute walk but it’s refreshing. Sometimes if I’ve had a bad sleep I will wake up in a bad mood. I find that going for a short walk it considerably lifts my mood.


After walking the puppy I tend to head upstairs and start some yoga. I’ve been doing ten minutes a day and it’s been really great. I recently picked up the latest edition of Cosmopolitan magazine and I found this tone-up work out section in it. I’ve really enjoyed doing these work outs as well as the yoga.

Excuse my Christmas socks. I don’t care that it’s February. I love Christmas and I will wear them throughout the year. 😂


I’ve really been into wearing makeup recently. You can see my ‘Everyday Winter Makeup’ post here. Whilst I’m getting ready I really love to listen to my #Motivation playlist that I’ve created on Spotify.

Makeup has been making me feel so much more confident and happy with my appearance. 🙂



I find that having a relaxed morning definitely sets the tone for the rest of the day. I also find d that I’m so much more productive if I get up early, go for a walk and fit in a little exercise.

What is your lazy morning routine like? ❤


My Everyday Winter Makeup.


Hello there,

I hope your week is going well so far. Today I thought that I would share with you my everyday winter makeup. Now, I’m not great at makeup (I am far from a professional) but over the past year I have been getting into trying out new products and makeup techniques. I have really been loving putting makeup on.


  • Face Blur: Peripera 
    It does a great job at evening out your complexion. After applying this I find that my foundation goes on a lot smoother. 
  • Eye Primer: Collection
    This is the first eye primer that I’ve bought. It seems to be okay so far. 
  • Foundation: Innisfree
    I love foundations from Innisfree. I find that this gives a really even tone. It’s easy to apply and is long lasting. 
  • Eyeshadow: Urban Decay Naked 2
    I’m in love with this palette. I usually use the colours ‘Tease’, ‘Bootycall’, ‘Busted’ and ‘Ydk’. Then for a little bit of eyeliner I use ‘Blackout’. I really like this combination of colours. 
  • Eyeshadow (Brown): Too Cool for School
    I use this to just fill in my brows a little. 
  • Oh! My Eye Lash Volume Mascara: Etude House
    I love love love this mascara. But I always find that it doesn’t last that long. It runs out fairly quickly. I do find that the mascara sticks to the lashes. It lasts all day and it can be a bit of a pain to remove. 
  • Pink Lip Pencil: Maybelline
    This is a recent purchase. I’m loving it so far. It’s the first time I’ve actually used a lip liner. 
  • Vivid Matte Liquid Lipstick: Maybelline 
    Again, this is a new purchase. I actually bought a matte lipstick a couple of weeks ago from Sleek but I really wasn’t keen on the colour of it. It was too dark for me. But this one from Maybelline, I love it so far. I’m really into using pink lipstick right now. It goes great with the lip liner too. 
  • White Brushes: Elf
    These were a gift from my friend last year. I’m still using them. I love them. They are simple of use. To be honest I’m not sure what to look for in a good brush, but these seem to do the job. 
  • Pink Brush: Etude House
    It does it’s job. I’m thinking I might replace this soon with a proper brow brush.
  • Black Brush: Boots
    I love this brush. I find it so easy to apply my eyeliner with. 

That’s everything. I actually didn’t realise how many products I use until writing this post.

I love how makeup makes me feel. It makes me feel more confident, and more put together.


Thank you very much for reading.

Let me know in the comments what everyday winter makeup products you use. ❤